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Everything you need to build and launch your app faster than you ever thought possible.

A SaaS Ecosystem

Focus on What Matters

Parra’s suite of auth, support, analytics and notification products work together seemlessly so you spend less time wiring them up to talk to eachother and more time focused on building what your customers care about most.

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Powerful features for
high velocity teams

Parra is more than a collection of SaaS products. We've built an ecosystem of products that work together to unshackle companies from wasting time and money setting up and managing dozens of integrations.

Parra Auth is a fully managed OAuth 2.0 compliant authorization server that allows you to easily secure your applications with industry best practices. Use the Parra dashboard to manage your users, configure welcome / password reset emails, handle support tickets, and all .


Why Parra?

Parra is the only SaaS product you need to build, launch, and scale your startup.

Simplify your Stack

Stop juggling a dozen different SaaS products and let us be your single source of SaaS.

SaaS as Code

Leverage the power of code-based configuration to automate your entire SaaS stack and deploy across multiple environments in seconds.

Know your Customers

Parra combines all your user data in one place painting the most clear picture of your user possible.

Save Money

Stop over paying for enterprise-built SaaS products with thousands of features you simply don't need. Parra bundles only the most important features for startups and SMBs into one, easy-to-use product.

Customize Everything

Every Parra component can be customized to match the exact look and feel or your product.

Powerful Starter Projects

Clone one of our starter projects, run one command to apply your SaaS stack, and you're ready to build.

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